Powering Your Freedom

Our vision is to give people freedom. Not just in the form of the world’s smartest home car charger, but with the help of our culture, the way we work and our message. We love the idea that you have the freedom to do what you want when you want to. Courageous enough to be who you were always supposed to be. Nerd, troublemaker or introvert. It does not matter. Only when you are yourself can you really be free!

Homecharger for the future

Our home charging station will be a part of the future power grid, where they function as smart power valves. They charge when power is at its cheapest and adjusts automatically based on the load in the mains. Power companies loves this, and you get the cheapest electricity.

We are going to develop products that works, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time. Time that you can spend on what you love most; your family, the job or your hobby. In Easee we are environmentally conscious and use no more of the natural resources than necessary. The products are developed and manufactured in Norway. Not because we have to, not because it is the cheapest, but because we believe that this is where value creation should take place.

We are passionate about making the world a better place. Step by step, product by product.

If you recognize this, you are one of us and together we will change the world.

Full of power

The charger can charge at both 1 and 3 phase and supports charging up to 22 kW. It has a Type 2 standard charging connector.

If you have several electric cars, you can connect up to 3 charging boxes in series. They will then balance each other so that you always get the maximum charging current.


It is 69% smaller and lighter than other electric charters, with similar functionality. It weighs only 1.5kg!

This means that we save the environment for at least 4 kilos of copper and plastic per charger produced.


Increase the value of your easee by charging smart. Charge when the power is the cheapest, and always have a fully charged car in the morning.

– requires you to be a customer of Tibber

20% lower electricity cost


With an Easee charger robot, you get access to a groundbreaking technology that charges your electric car when power prices are the lowest. By charging with electricity through Tibber, they guarantee that you will achieve a 20% lower price on the power to the car.

Get more information on how to charge smart here.

A colorful choice

It goes without saying that the charging box is safe and easy to use. You shouldn’t have to choose between technical specifications – it automatically adapts to your house, electric car and mains.

You still have an important decision to do – should the charger match your car or house? If you are unable to choose, it will only take 15 seconds to change the color of your charging box and you can buy a cover of each color.

Equally as safe,
as it is smart

With an Easee charger robot you can be assured that the charging is safe. The cable is automatically locked when charging and it has a built-in type B ground fault protection.

The charging box will thrive just as well on the outside of a house as on the inside of a garage. It is designed to withstand the Norwegian climate. In other words, it can withstand rain, cold and heat.