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FAQ & Kontaktskjema

Vi har samlet de mest stilte spørsmålene og svarene på disse i FAQen vår.


Her kan du laste ned den gjeldende versjonen av manualene for laderoboten.


Ønsker du å bli forhandler eller samarbeidspartner, ta gjerne kontakt. Under finner du også kontaktinformasjon til vår forhandlersupport.

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where putting charging on pause did not work with Niro/Kona.
  • Improved handling of 4G re-connections when disconnected by the cell network.
  • EnergyPerHour is now buffered in Flash when offline, and sent up when charger goes online again.
  • Added Site key for Easee Charge.
  • Update authorization user experience. The LEDs will flash at a faster rate when the charger is awaiting backend validation of a user token. If the token is valid, show a green light. If not, show a red. The green/red lights will also show for local authorization.
  • Flipped RFID tags, so they are now displayed the same way as the Easee key.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented one from deleting already registered RFID tags.


  • German language support
  • Improved load balancing logic, increased use of 3-phase charging.
  • Fixed a bug where some cars did not resume charging after being paused from the car.
  • Special handling of IT grid. When a 1- phase car is allocated a phase, favor putting it on L2 and L3. As L1 is most loaded if a second car capable for 2- phase charging is connected.
  • Force web browser not to cache the user interface pages and scripts, ensuring users have the latest version at hand.


  • Minor WiFi fixes